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Posted by Tamsin at Dec 6, 2004 3:15:40 AM
Re: A question about art contests
Heh. That's actually a really good question. Most of the art contests do allow for a variety of art forms - as Markoman points out, I have no idea what you've posted as an example, but both collage & found objects have been valid in the past. Check out the 'prized parrot' thread for birds made from paint, pixels, yarn, pennies, legos, straws, and so much more. Still, I bet the answer depends on the contest.

I would suggest that if you had any questions about the validity of an entry, it would be a good idea to contact whoever is running the event and ask if it would be acceptable. It may even encourage them to be a bit more specific in the rules or post a clarification- which is always nice for other folks that may have the same questions.

For example, this 'art contest' that's wrapping up (results coming soon!) has the 'original work' rule. Since it's a photography-centric contest, what that meant was that I expected entrants to take the pictures themselves, or to collaborate with the photographer on their entries. What I wanted to discourage was people submitting whatever photos Google turns up for 'beach' or 'island'. Does that make sense?
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