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Posted by Scenepainter at Apr 18, 2011 6:31:17 AM
Re: Entry Thread: Dreadfully Decadent Decorations

I'm not sure if this will fit in ...
You are allowed to change the walls and the floor, but you must keep the general shape of the room, so I have some common ground for judging.

but here it is, my 5th entry (can't you tell I'm having so much fun with this xD)!
Merchant's Paradise

Glad you enjoy yourself :). That "Merchant's Paradise" scene is quite borderline and as of now, I'm also undecided. Just leave it posted for the moment. Even if I had to disqualify it, that wouldn't hurt your chances of winning with one your other entries and the idea for that mining site is definitely to pretty to not have it on display.
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