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Posted by RRueda at Mar 9, 2011 10:53:15 AM
Re: How much inspiration is too much inspiration?
The image in question was not taken from memegenerator (which I've never even heard of until now) or from anywhere else on the internet but from a VERY antiquated album/cd collection of stock images bought by the company I work for long before I started there. Therefore...royalties have been paid and the image is free to use. As far as I'm copyrights have been broken. It is, of course, possible that somebody has since bought the rights to the image and if that's the case then I'll happily pay them whatever royalties they require.

Granted...the buildings are traced and then 'pirated' up, I have no wish to deny that. Simple fact is, I thought it was a beautifully composed image that would make a nice portrait background in what is essentially a 'friendly' little competition in what is essentially a 'friendly' little pirate game. Had I known that people were going to be quite so offended by this then maybe I would've thought twice about it.

Funnybones...please can you show me where I claimed this as being all my own work? The image that was entered into the competition may have major elements taken from another picture but as false dmitri says, it has all been re-drawn by hand and given fresh details and nowhere have I claimed anything otherwise. No evil intentions were present...just the wish to contribute to the game in a positive way. I apologise if I've offended you by doing this. If it really upsets you that much then take it up with Apollo. I'll willingly accept whatever outcome he sees fit.

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