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Posted by etieti at Feb 17, 2011 5:58:11 AM
Re: Thanks for a good start
After I read your post I've gone out for a few pillages, but I couldn't notice the changes you reckon have been made. The drops of charts were pretty average, as usual, and I got no expeditions (thus far).

I got 5 expos out of 14 battles in last 4 days! So yeah they raised expos!

Which route were you on, and what strength brigands/barbarians were you attacking? Also, how many were aboard your ship? Just you and your child, or more jobbers?

I'm also not winning more commodities, as you say you did. In fact, in my re-engage, after I lost 12 cannon balls, only about 6 were recovered, and no extra cargo was won (besides poe).

In those 14 battles! I got over and over commodities that I ever get before! Herbs, enamels, paints, fruits, stone, iron and even KB!!! Can job you so ye can see! ... I kept everything stocked on a brig

I don't think any measurements have been taken yet, from my observations, but I could be wrong and I plan on checking it out over the next days. I hope I am wrong and that there are more expeditions to be picked up, etc.

Taking sloop won't help! Sloop is not what ye need to take to win stock like i won!

As far as price for stall and rent, I agree, they seem to be cheaper.

They are at least 2 times cheaper!

Before you say everything about yesterday.... Listen this!

I PVP any crew member not in my flag since 2 weeks! Not only you! Ye can check PVP list of my crew if ye don't believe me!

I attacked you and I won .... You re engaged when I had NO TIME for it .... FATHER YELLING AT YOU TO COME DINNER OR HE UN PLUG NET FOR 2 MONTHS ..... I prefer disengage and go dinner LOL ... We can do a rematch anytime if ye want though!

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