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Posted by Winklecat at Feb 14, 2011 9:56:07 AM
Thanks for a good start
Thank you to YPP for responding to some of the issues that have been raised in this forum.
I'm pretty sure you dropped the Poe price to open a stall.
I know that you tweaked the cargos that bot ships are carrying. More commodities being won. More charts being available. And more treasure haul and forage expeditions being generated, even for very mediocre navvers like me. With a Viking chart, a couple of regular battles and a TH expo between sakejima and viridis, my young daughter had a blast, did not get bored, because she was not on one station all the time, and was excited at all the Poe she made.
I actually got my February seal on Crimson before I got it on Sage.
Now, if only you can figure out a way for captains and senior officers to leave ships open for crew use....
I look forward to seeing more in the weeks to come.
SO of The Bootleggers on Emerald
Royal and occasional monarch of The End

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