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Posted by Whitefire at Nov 26, 2004 3:11:26 PM
Re: Spades-palooza [Dial-up Warning. Many images within.]
Gloraelin wrote: 
this one i wound up bidding 4. was that wise?

Next time warn us when you have already played a trick ;D.

Straight up analysis would say to bid 4 on that. One of your Queens should convert, with a long shot of both pulling tricks giving you 5. If you were the last bidder you should have gone 5 since there are so many bags out there.

Gloraelin wrote: 
on this one, i bid 2, as it says

2 is safe, 3 is risky (length in clubs means your K is likely to be cut).

Gloraelin wrote: 
this one only got maybe a 2

This hand is entirely dependent on what the other 3 people bid. Straight up analysis says 2, maybe 3. If Zeil had gone nil you could have bid 4.

Gloraelin wrote: 
and this one was a blind nil.

You should pass the J♠ and the A.

Your partner should have passed back following these rules:

    ? Always pass cards under 8
    ? Never pass cards in a suit you have 5 or more in (unless you only have low cards in that suit)
    ? If you have length in spades, pass to void yourself in a suit that your partner doesn't pass to you.[/list:u:c7155ffbd4]

    There are a few more, but I can't remember them off the top of my head.

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