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Posted by Amosko at Nov 25, 2004 3:28:59 PM
Re: Spades-palooza [Dial-up Warning. Many images within.]
This is a very specific situation that I was in earlier but is about bidding.

On counting tricks:

If either team will be winning on the next round and you are last to bid, call just enough to win so long as you can take the sandbags.

For example:
You have 285 and the other team has 284.
They have bid a total of 5 and your partner has bid 3.
Don't bid more than 2. You can take still take the sandbags and not go over. This way as long as you don't bust, you win.

[size=7]Sadly, this exact situation happened to me and my partner busted.

Also. if your partner is going nil, bid a reasonable number. Bidding one is not a good idea in this case because you'll likely win a few just covering your partner's nil.

[size=7]Sadly this happened to me as well. We got 5 sandbags that round.
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