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Posted by Whitefire at Nov 25, 2004 1:33:23 PM
Re: Spades-palooza [Dial-up Warning. Many images within.]
Basic Biding Strategy: Part 2

Hand 1

A nice hand. Length in Spades and short strength in two other suits. Your K's are winners, and you should be able to convert two of the middling Spades into tricks.

Whitefire's Bid - 5

Hand 2

The opposite of the previous hand; length in off suits and short strength in Spades. Your K♠ is a likely winner, and your K♣ should convert.

Whitefire's Bid - 2

Hand 3

The A♠ and the two K's are all winners. You may be able to convert the Q♥ or the middling Spades into another trick.

Whitefire's Bid - 3, 4 if you know how to control the A♠

Hand 4

A very, very nice hand (I ended up taking 7 tricks with this hand). Length and strength in Spades means a garunteed 3 tricks. The shortness of Clubs means your low Spades can convert, and your K of Diamonds may also pick up a trick.

Whitefire's Bid - 5

Hand 5

The A♥ is a winner. The K♥ is iffy. The A♣ is also a winner, and the shortness in that suit should let you convert a Spade.

Whitefire's Bid - 4

Hand 6

Length and strength in Spades implies two tricks. The A♥ is a winner and you should be able to convert a low Spade in your short suits.

Whitefire's Bid - 4, 5 if you're a gambler.

Hand 7

Another nice hand. Again we have length in spades, along with the fabulous AK♥ duo. A solo A in Diamonds and the Q♠ will both likely convert as winners. With your shortness in Diamonds and length and strength in Spades, you should be able to convert 4 of the Spades into winners.

Whitefire's Bid - 5, 6 or 7 if you know how to use the A♠

Hand 8

Nothing special here. The two K's should convert with a possible pick up of a third with the abundance of mid-cards.

Whitefire's Bid - 2

Hand 9

A decent non-trump powered hand. The A's will convert, with the K♥ and Q♣ being possible winners. Shortness in Diamonds should convert one of your low trumps.

Whitefire's Bid - 4

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