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Posted by REJBELLS at Oct 19, 2010 6:06:08 AM
Re: Intent for Cleopatra's Pearls
Cleaver wrote:
Think of the YPP world as a world of many Oceans.
Perhaps one day you'll be able to sail between them.
Jun 13, 2004 1:54:49 PM Harrjm not that far off..

I do not see anyway to get to either my sub account or buy dubs account thru My Profile?
Nor do I see a sub route from the client by clicking on your name In YE.
On dub oceans you can easily get to your account to purchase Dubs with real money at any time.

On sub oceans it it a trip frought with obstacles, no map and with a starting point surrounded by 3 and a half walls of cement.

..Until ye unsubbed then ye get the button..

Edit : to add.. and On Crimson for the Dub Club You cannot purchase another till the first one runs out. so mine runs out on the 23rd of the month.. and I cannot renew it till it officially runs out.. I can buy more dubs separately.. just not renew or continue .. or purchase another package.
A main bank for each arch on the capital.. would be awesome if it gave you access to your Billing Accounts and special deals/dub purchases on sub oceans.
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