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Posted by Neonila at Oct 19, 2010 4:41:40 AM
Re: Intent for Cleopatra's Pearls
Time for Midnight to become bank-free?

Oh please no! Not that I care for a bank on each island (it's fine if Cleos bank goes) but when I started playing there was no use for the banks and I see them like remains of an old time when I wasn't around ;)

And coming from games where banks were used I poked around a while trying to stash away my stuff and figure out that secret use that I was sure was there :P

It seems harsh to penalize islands that had banks placed when they were required, but reward islands that were colonized after the Universal purse was instituted. The only reason for their existance on any ocean is the cash box for the Dubloon exchange. Put said cash box in the palace/fort and be done with it.

I think you can access the dubloon exchance from your profile anyway :)
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