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Posted by Matthias at Sep 18, 2003 12:21:50 PM
Re: Island Colonisation and Diamond Shoppes
Jothmar wrote: 
In the end design, with the two types of islands (collonized and rustic) how would a new flag procure a 'collonized' island. Would they have to hold off a blockade until they were able to reach point X (where that is the line between rustic and collonized) to be able to maintain control of an island? My basic question I guess is, how would a new flag get an island? As Cleaver explained it, it would seem very difficult if not completely impossible (later in the game once a good number of island have been taken by flags) for a new flag to have any hope of holding onto an island.

My understanding is that you built a fort on an island by hauling lots of wood and stone etc. there. That would secure it as "your" island. Then you'd have to build all the other buildings, one at a time. Once you get inhabitants, it becomes colonised.

The idea is that it's bloody expensive. Of course, the Ringers probably haven't worked it out properly yet (having not had any time to see it exploited by cunning users) but it might use a tech tree arrangement.

I took my own advice.

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