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Posted by Donsmythe at Oct 11, 2010 10:06:15 AM
Re: Intent for Cleopatra's Pearls
OK, here are the lucky 11(*) winners of a Bipolar Mystery Box:


If your name is listed above, you have two weeks to contact me to collect your prize (that means Oct. 25th is the last day; any prizes not collected by then are forfeit and may be used in the next raffle we hold). I try to be online a lot - though I might be puzzleblind or away from the computer frequently. So please be patient, and try again if I haven't responded within 5 minutes. You can usually find me on Smythedon or Donsmythe, or both. The final prize list is:

  • Coupon for full outfit at Clothes On the Half Shell tailor (2 of these)
  • Chocolate chroma
  • Creative Sprat (sloop)
  • Moaning Bream (Phantom class sloop)
  • Rogue sloop design
  • Ship's bell (maroon/white)
  • New, blue/blue scimitar
  • Spears and Fancy spears (one of each)
  • Pirate flag
  • Halloween decor (gibbet, pile of bones, and 2 tombstones)

As said previously, winners will be blindly choosing which prize they get. The prizes have been randomly assigned a number from 1 to 11; you'll be picking a number that hasn't already been chosen and will be awarded the prize corresponding to that number. The unchosen numbers can be seen upstairs at the Palace on Cleopatra's Pearls - there's a line of numbered gift boxes there. I'll remove each box as its number is chosen by a winner.

Thanks again to everyone who came out to help, and congratulations to our winners!

(*) Everyone that jobbed with us had an equal chance of winning, slightly better than 1 in 14. was used to choose the winners.

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