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Posted by Khaimm at Sep 3, 2010 1:26:54 PM
Re: September Familiar Competitions - Get your tickets!
Awesome. I recall something along these lines was discussed in GD a while back. I'm glad to see you're reading our suggestions.
garfields wrote: 
So its just like normal competitions, except you get to choose the type/colour?

Not quite. For one thing, you can place 2nd or 3rd in several events and still get a familiar, possibly a colored familiar. We may also see several "mini-events", where the top prize is something less than 50 points. There's also going to be some serious bidding for tickets.
Khaim : Hunter
Plan for Swabbies
Phade wrote: 
I'm against anything potentially annoying that greenies can get their hands on. This includes their ability to chat.

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