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Posted by Captcoolio at Sep 3, 2010 9:54:34 AM
Re: It's gonna be a "Gloomy Sunday"! Booching Blaggards intent for Delta Island!! Yarr!!
Everyone ready for a raffle? Here's a list of the prizes that YOU could win! Each pirate jobbed in receives 1 free ticket per round! Additional raffles can be purchased at 100 PoE each from Starsie!

1st - Imperial Class War Brig - "Tremendous Barbel"
2nd - Sloop - "Rude Blowfish"
3rd - Sloop - "Cowardly Flounder"
4th - Sloop - "Sensitive Gurnand"
5th - Enlightened mask (purple, white - female), Boots (indigo - female), Pair o' boots with gaiters (yellow, indigo - male)
6th - Brass telescope
7th - Two Byobu folding screens
8th - Three Hammocks (Lavender, Orange, and Blue)
9th - Armor with Spear Statue (good), Row Boat bed (pink)
10th - Hearts table (good), rumble pit (good)
11th - Globe (blue)
12th - Two Gold candles
13th - 5 IO and 5 HS trinkets
14th - 5 atlantean and 5 CI trinkets
15th - 10 CI trinkets

*All items are new unless noted otherwise
Starsie of Midnight Ocean.

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