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Posted by Rhapzodi at Sep 3, 2010 9:46:41 AM
It's gonna be a "Gloomy Sunday"! Booching Blaggards intent for Delta Island!! Yarr!!
"Booching Blaggards intent to drop "Curse-lifting" CoOkIeS all over Delta!"

Blockade Details:
Who: Booching Blaggards VS. Curse of the Black Pearl.
When: Sunday, September 5th, 2010 @ 12:00pm (Noon) GAME TIME.
Where: Delta Island located in the Coral Arch.
Why: Because Delta needs CoOkIeS!!!
How: (Sinking or Non-sinking)-- Thats totally up to the defender. (We hope that its SiNkInG! Yarrr!)

Other Pertinent Info:
*Jobbing Pay: 400 poe per segment.
*Jobbing Contact: Notice Board or /tell BB's designated JC: Alni.
*Raffle: Yes! There will be a Raffle! Each jobber recieves 1 free ticket per round. Additional ticket cost: 100 poe each.
-------------------------------------->*Raffle List to be added as a seperate post by Starsie*<------------------------------------------

A big "Thank You" to Poemistress for her collaboration on this intent art! /e gives her cookies! =)
FYI: All the curse names in quotations in the intent art are actual names of curses.../e googled. =)

Rhapzody says, "Would someone tell me again WHY we call them EX's?"
Jthebear says, "X, what you put on the map so you can tell the police where the body is as part of your plea agreement......"

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