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Posted by 2NDSKY at Aug 30, 2010 2:30:14 AM
Re: SMH trophies
How about a trophy that shows how much Frenetics a player has gotten. This would not only make CI trips more effective, it would also give the Naver an idea of the overall foraging skills the player has.

I'm not talking about a trophy showing of a number. For example the Frenetic trophy we have now has somesort of a stone edge to it, what if there would be multiple amounts of these Frenetic trophies? A bronze edged Frenetic trophy, a silver edged Frenetic trophy, a gold edged frenetic trophy, heck! even a Diamond one...

This would rly help the CI naver to seperate those who get Frenetics once every year.. or those who get nothing but frenetics.. It would also be very helpfull for players who don't do the rated foraging and have a Novice/able standing to get jobbed based on for example a silver edged frenetic trophy! It would make allot of CI addicts happy : )

Some might find this to elitish.. but face it CI's are made for elites.
Nowan wants a so called Frenetic forager who gets asleeps all the time! CI's are all about chests! The more the better.. so the better CI foragers the more Chests : )

Edit: Sorry if this has already been suggested, but iv had a word about this with an exsperienced CI'er and I thought this was wourth more than mentioning! *crosses fingers*
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