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Posted by Rhapzodi at Aug 28, 2010 6:47:37 AM
Re: Elf Invasion
You know...when I first seen the elves I thought to myself:
"What on earth? this must be 1 person and a gazillion alts. Then I realized it is different people behind a lot fo elven characters. posting that pic of them, I do believe you have exposed them to the ocean and their popularity is growing....

all they need now is a good "Santa" flag to fly under...a few more peeps to join their band of elves and a few political motives and...

VOILA! the Elves will be taking over island at a time!

(I know their crew page says they have no political motives...but, they ARE elves...elves are sneaky you know =p)

For some strange reason, the thought of the elves taking over the ocean makes me giggle but not in the way that is making fun of them...rather, in a way that is supportive of them.

*wonders if elves like cookies?*
Rhapzody says, "Would someone tell me again WHY we call them EX's?"
Jthebear says, "X, what you put on the map so you can tell the police where the body is as part of your plea agreement......"

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