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Posted by pomfret at Aug 25, 2010 12:36:31 AM
TO Rebel or not TO Rebel? Call to Arms at Papaya!
Tyr's Own in its infinite tyranny has declared 100% taxation on Papaya, because "We can."

Is there any backbone on Midnight, or is Midnight only inhabited by a bunch of mercenery landlubbers who cares not for politics at all? Does old money and old ships trump everything else? We shall soon find out.

Alas, weekends are not my prime playtime, so I cannot partake in the blockade game. However, that is not to say that I cannot agitate one if the ocean is so minded. So, even though I am a lowly merchant who does not even own a shoppe on Papaya, I am putting up a 50k bounty on whichever flag drops a warchest on Papaya.

However, as this is an uprising, there are a few catches:

(1) The attacking flag and any of its allies cannot pay or offer to pay jobbers anything more than 10 poe per segment. Ideally, it should be 0 poe, but let's give them some flexibility. The 10 poe cap stays even if Tyr's Own posts higher blockade pay. If at any time the attacker's blockade pay exceeds 10 poe per segment, I will deem the flag to be not in need of sponsorship and will not pay a single poe to it. No raffle may be held by the attacking flag to get around the pay cap. This is strictly a rebellion!

(2) The attacking flag must have at its disposal at the blockade at least one WF and 1 WB, or 2 WBs.

(3) The ships must enter the blockade board if there are enough jobbers, who are willing to fight for 10 poe or less per segment, to crew the ships. If there are not enough jobbers to crew a single WF, the attackers must fill up and put out a WB instead. If there are not enough jobbers to even fill up a WB, the attackers must fill up and put out a baghlah or a junk. If there are not enough jobbers to even fill up a baghlah or junk, well... you have your answer.

A flag intending to take up this offer should post a notice on this thread.

I will not pay for a no-show, so I will only pay the 50k if there is credible evidence that a genuine uprising blockade was attempted. Since there is a good chance I won't be able to be online at any such blockade, this can take the form of posts with screenshots on this thread, or reports by any reasonably respected Midnight pirate (including pirates from TO) on this thread that there was in fact a genuine attempt.

What? Only 50k?
Well, I expect other pirates to join in and add to the bounty. And 50k does go some distance if you don't have to pay your jobbers at all.

If no one else does, then again you have your answer - that there is no backbone on Midnight. I cannot, however, vouch for whether these other pledges are good for their money. Pirates wishing to join in are encouraged to post in this thread. I will endeavor to edit this post to reflect the current level of bounty.

How long?This bounty is up until a flag accepts it, or until TO reduces taxation on Papaya back to 15% or less. In the event that a genuine uprising is beaten back by the dark forces of TO, I reserve the right to repeat it until TO is overthrown, brought to its senses, or everybody else on the Midnight is cowed by them.

Why are you doing it? You don't even have any big war flag to back you up and your one-pirate flag is pathetic.
Because I am a Fruitcake. And because I can.

Why no picture?Because this is technically not an intent post. :p


Present Bounty: 350,000
50,000 (Pomfret)
50,000 (Nine) - don't ask me why
50,000 (Windwench)
50,000 (Elliptic)
50,000 (Tzz)
50,000 (Shadowwolf)
50,000 (Sisqi)

Sunset Knight Flag has taken up arms! Or so they say... but we are all still waiting for a picture of a skewered papaya or something...
I have agreed to increase the cap to 200 poe.

Pomfret of Midnight Cerulean and Most Oceans
Except when I am Scroogie or somebody else

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