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Posted by Rhapzodi at Aug 20, 2010 7:14:46 PM
Re: Illegal Rogue Hearts
Thanks for coming out and joining our lil flag event! We enjoyed it and hope you all did as well! =)

I would also like to announce the other tourney winners as well:

Pre-Event Tourney (Sword-fighting):

Mid-Event Tourneys:
Lestatia (Treasure Drop)
Immastar (Drinking)

Post-Event Tourney (Sword-fighting):
(I had to go afk and missed who won it...if anyone knows who won this tourney...please let me know so that I can post it!)

Again...thank you mates! it was fun!!

/e slings cookies EVERYWHERE for EVERYONE!!!!
Rhapzody says, "Would someone tell me again WHY we call them EX's?"
Jthebear says, "X, what you put on the map so you can tell the police where the body is as part of your plea agreement......"

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