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Posted by Shuranthae at Nov 20, 2004 2:46:52 PM
Re: Shooting in seabattle
WhoIsYou wrote: 
Shuranthae wrote: 
Rocks do the same damage as three small cannonballs to Merchant Galleons.

In other words, all ships, regardless of size, receive 3 blocks of damage from both small and large rocks.

Bah, little hints at a time! I'm still hopeful someone else will figure out the system.
WhoIsYou wrote: 
Shuranthae wrote: 
Actually looking at the math again, it's plausible that a WF could only take 18 meds to max them. I guess I deserve that for trying to do it in my head instead of breaking out a calculator right away. Just seems more likely that it'd take 20. Someone wanna test this?

18 medium cannonballs are required to max damage a wae firgate. The first ball does 1 block, all the rest do two.

But that only adds up to 35? *grins*
Seriously though, you sure about that? It should be two blocks per medium cb...
From what I've seen the game has some odd rounding calculations. Though I've been trying to figure out the rounding crap for some time, from what I remember with small cbs and Cutters it just makes no freaking sense. My memory is probably wrong though, I really need to test this crap out sometime...

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