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Posted by MadMe at Aug 18, 2010 1:17:21 PM
SMH trophies
I remember a previous post in this thread (buried back somewhere) that some other trophy should be awarded to ppl who score frenetic foraging more than once. I think this is still a great idea as a common issue I get on my CIs are:

Jobber tells ye, "Dude I have a fren forage trophy, I can forage GREAT!"

So I hire and the pirate forages miserably. Yes, somedays my GM forage standing is worthless on some CIs. But the point is that scoring one frenetic forage doesn't make you a consistent one.

Compared to Atlantis trophies (so far 18 that can be awarded), CI is lacking a lot of trophies (only 10). Since Haunted Seas trophies are already looking like Atlantis trophies in awards, can we get a lil' more CI love?

Atlantis awards various number of sea monsters sunk, citadel wins, and chests hauled. I think CI should have more trophies for number of winning frays, foraged goods, and frenetic foraging. Of course I'd love to see a "Vargas' Nemesis" trophy after I've kicked Vargas' arse 100 times over.
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