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Posted by Rhapzodi at Aug 12, 2010 8:19:36 PM
Re: Illegal Rogue Hearts

Additional Info:

You will need an "invitation" card to get seated once you arrive at the seKrit location. In order to get this you must first send Rhapzody or Alniyat a /tell 30 minutes prior to the event starting so that you will know where to get your "invitation". (There is much method to our random madness...muahahaha...except for Xule...he is just naturally like that =P)

Good luck to all who enter and have fun winning all our stuffs!!

/e gives cookies!!!
Rhapzody says, "Would someone tell me again WHY we call them EX's?"
Jthebear says, "X, what you put on the map so you can tell the police where the body is as part of your plea agreement......"

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