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Posted by Neonila at Aug 12, 2010 12:40:11 PM
Illegal Rogue Hearts

So ye love hearts but have no chance ta show yer worth in a proper tourney? Sneek past the authorities n join the rogues fer a few games o hearts and win yerself their WB!

When: Friday, 20th August. 3PM Game Time.
Where: Poke Rhapzody or Alniyat ta find out. It's all hush hush. The navy must not find out ;)
Notes: Depending on participation one or two pirates will be promoted to the next round. Tables will be assigned randomly. Ties will be resolved by a rematch.

Many thanks to Rhapzody for making our poster and to all the flaggies who donated poe, trinkets and gave suggestions for the event! =)

Booching Blaggards ->

If the Fish Rumour Mongers had their way, we'd be dropping on everything.
I dropped a plate the other day. Does that count?
-- Missiep --

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