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Posted by REJBELLS at Aug 10, 2010 8:55:42 PM
Re: A couple of suggestions for Crimson.
If there's a cap on the (PoE) price of doubloons at the exchange, then it should follow that there's a cap on the total amount of PoE in the ocean? Even if there isn't, players might bypass the exchange and seek more favorable (to the doubloon seller) exchange rates privately.

EDIT: Even worse, Crimson might become a source of cheap doubloons for players on the other doubloon oceans.

Bypass the exchange already happens. It's been discussed before in here as a problem.

Please explain how you got from dub Xchange offer cap .. to total ocean poe cap. I am missing the information on ocean set up. Or thinking about the information differently.

Re : Edit:
Shakes head and giggles.. I don't know which is worse. Pirates mining cheapdubloons on other oceans and coming here and using them.. or vice versa.

Or this as well.
Adult pirates taking their kids to the adult oceans.. -allowable under the law..and playing there-cheaper to just buy a few dubs and then work for the rest. Besides.. is more fun there too.

Or this...
Allowing adults from production oceans to come over and inflate dubs to 5k a piece and have a monopoly on everything with their off ocean dubs and the the profitthey get from dubs mined here gives them all the poe they want to play here. without costing them anything.

While the Kids who are forced to stay here.. do not have that opportunity and are forced to accept that the adults make it just about impossible to play here for any goals.. unless ye parents are willing to fork out to buy way more than the dub club dubs for ye.
Somehow.. This is not a two way street. The people the ocean was made for must survive in crimson only. While everyone else ./. well

I caught a scammer the day on Crimson. Had a neat plan for how he would loan and pay me back. A young kid would easily fall for it
... I warned him.
He deleted pirate.

And after all is said and done.. this is still in test mode.. So anything we aquire or do with our paid for dubs can go poof at any time. Even tho we may have paid real cash for the dubs to purchase them.. Nothing actually belongs to US.
Now that's real incentive to play Crimson.

At least with a Sub.. Ye are only paying for the privelge of playing.
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