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Posted by Momma_Wolf at Aug 1, 2010 6:27:56 AM
Re: Papaya (without the spinach) Defense Intent!
Camelot is the working name for a confederation of flags on the Midnight Ocean that have banded together to stop - all - tyranny on this ocean, from whatever source. ONE flag cannot stand alone against the might and power of some of the so-called old guard or "power" flags .. but a pack of smaller flags CAN band together and not only survive, but WIN.

This is my goal, and the goal of all like minded people on the ocean. This has indeed made me, and my flag, targets, which I not only expected, but welcome.

Some of the old players - even whole flags - have retired with grace and dignity, and while I miss many of them, I applaud their integrity. Others have grown "bored" with our beloved Midnight Ocean, and have decided it is up to them to stop the REST of the people - paying and otherwise - from being able to enjoy the game. This reminds me most of a playground bully who not only breaks a toy he is tired of, but stands over the bits so no one else can repair it, let alone play with it.

ENOUGH! It is PAST time to remove the bullies from our playground. Forget, for a while at least, any old animosities, and work with Camelot to stop the destruction that is Ragnarok.

In olden days, there was no pay for blockades, people came out of loyalty or friendship. Those days are gone, but I hope the feelings are not. In the SPIRIT of those days, I will not engage in pay wars with any flag. If POE is more important to anyone than keeping tyranny from ruling - indeed, DESTROYING - our beloved Midnight Ocean, by all means, encourage a pay war, and follow the POE. You will reap what you sow.
Mommawolf, lurking on most oceans
Captain, Blackwolf Marauders of Midnight, now Cerulean
Queen, Victory Raiders of Midnight, now Cerulean

cmdrzoom said:

Anyone may demand answers of the gods.
Getting them is another matter.

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