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Posted by gordo036 at Jul 31, 2010 2:53:13 PM
Papaya (without the spinach) Defense Intent!

Once upon a time, there were several crews of pirates who happened upon a magical land called Avon and set into port to refresh their supplies of rum and rations. In this new land they met a strange king and his close friends.

The king and his friends (who he called 'Nights' even if it was properly day outside) taught the pirates a thing or two about drinking (who knew there was more to life than rum, grog, and swill!) and also of camaraderie.

Now, camaraderie was a new concept to these pirates. With their minds opened by copious amounts of beer and ale, they learned that, if they put their minds to it, they could succeed together in the face of, what was before, insurmountable odds.

They spent many nights with the 'Nights' and their king, and it was a bittersweet goodbye when the time to sail came. Their last night in Avon, the great Captains and Monarchs of this unlikely band of savages all met together in secret and had a good talk about the strange customs of Avon.

They agreed that the new concept of Working Together seemed to work very well for Avon and it's king. They knew a storm was brewing on their own ocean, and decided that night to make a pact. Each of them swore to help the others defend their territory, giving a go to the idea of Teamwork In The Face Of Adversity.


Many months passed, and they watched quietly as the storm came closer and closer to each of their sovereign shores. They held their collective breaths as one, waiting to see for whom the hammer would fall first.

At last, it fell...

Papaya Defense!
When: 8a.m. Pirate time, Sunday the 1st of August
Where: Papaya Port
Who: Avaadore will be your luverly jobbing contact (ye can always job off the board too!)
What: Blockading sillies!
Why: Cause Messier said so.
How: By shooting really large balls into the side of TO's ships <3

Pay and Sinking Status: Check the boards closer to time. One never knows... *grins nevily*

Auzziemoo officer chats, "quite a few lazers. im pretty sure not all of them are gunning or writing a book"
Freja says, "if you survive a week - you will be ready to help us scare the next new pirate half to death"

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