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Posted by 29001 at Jul 23, 2010 6:57:56 PM
Re: Flag/Crew trophies
Ah, Ambur's idea sounds good. Sinking trophies, yes indeed! One could be awarded trophies based on the amount of sinks they personally have commanded in battle-navigation (another under-trophied puzzle). I disagree that it would have to be flotillas only. Perhaps pvp sinks in a Flag vs. Flag war setting? Something like:

Vessel Sinker (1)
Vessel Crusher (20) (?)
Vessel Destroyer (50) (?)
Vessel Demolisher (200+) (?)

This could also add to conqueror fame, and maybe some cool personal glory (what great captain or admiral back in the days wasn't heard of for how many ships he/she had sent to the depths?).

Sounds cool to me, thanks Ambur for the idea.
Reply with constructive criticism, thoughts and ideas please.

P.S. On the carpentry subject - maybe someone could offer a better idea for a numeric trophy?
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