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Posted by Searmin at Jul 10, 2010 8:37:33 AM
Re: [suggestion] Island Broadcast
- Governor is allowed to broadcast to everybody on his/her island. Being inside port is still counted towards "on the island". Being deported or sailing is off the island.

You're on an attacking ship in a blockade, waiting to load, and suddenly you see the message, "So-and-so ocean broadcasts, "It's blockade time! Come job for us and protect the island from those nasty bad people! Send whatshisface a /tell to get jobbed!"

And then the greenies on the ship vanish.

That's not a "little heads-up," that's completely unbalancing jobbing.

And on a big island with a large greenie population and a big playerbase usually present, being able to directly broadcast an advertisement for the defending team is more likely to get attention drawn to that team. If you have a high pay, you're more likely to get people who wouldn't normally blockade or pay attention to it because it's being given to them without them looking for the information.

Strongly opposed because of the advantages to the defenders. Way too unbalancing.

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