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Posted by Skeleton0123 at Jul 10, 2010 8:01:29 AM
Re: [suggestion] Island Broadcast
Major bumpy!

To bring this up again.

And to form it briefly how it could be:

- Governor is allowed to broadcast to everybody on his/her island. Being inside port is still counted towards "on the island". Being deported or sailing is off the island.
- Governors can broadcast what they like, if they are too annoying than either the running flag or another flag will take care of it. (as pointed our by Striders in the other thread)
- Governor can be /complain 'd though if he/she is spamming the chat, according to the rules of spamming.

To address something that was mentioned before:
It will give a defending flag a very little heads-up on jobbing, but in the end it's only tiny. You can just do the same via a Tournament anyhow.

Why would it be nice? A ruling flag could publicly announce events being run by the flag, or other kind of important activities. It can be abused for smh's and etc, but that will only make the ruling flag look like tarts and that will not go along very long.

Any ideas/opinions? ;o
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