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Posted by Patetch at Jul 1, 2010 3:11:30 PM
Monthly Seal
It would be nice if the "seal of the month" trophies had some leveling, specifically the season and year ones.

I was trying to get one each month, however after hours of trying to get to a BK expedition, I never did (saw them plenty of times but their ship always ported before we got there.) Now, not only do I miss the June seal but also the summer and the 2010 ones as well.

One possibility is that the year seals could have a gold border for getting all 12 but maybe a silver for getting at least 9 and a bronze for getting 6 or maybe the design would be just a little bit different. Getting all 12 is quite an accomplishment, but so is getting 10 or 11 - they can be tough.
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