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Posted by Dragonlilly at Sep 17, 2003 1:26:31 AM
A Suggestion For Those That Post In Technical Issues!
I suggest those who post issues, post their computer info in their initial post.

Example: "My computer won't run the program. I get the error 'error message here'. I am using Win XP HE on a 2.4 ghz P4. Someone help please?"

I think this will help in many cases where we are all trying to guess how to fix the problem for the person but only can assume because each system is a little different. Also it may help the devs see what OS's have the most issues with Y!PP and java. (I realize you have done this to an extent but it might help for new issues.)

If this be a great idea maybe it could even be a sticky?

Thank you for listening.
Dragonlilly, Captain of SDTC
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