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Posted by sweetnessc at May 31, 2010 12:44:16 PM
Re: Monthly trophies to require a little bit of skill
I believe the larger goal of these seals was to encourage people to participate, and it seems like they are having that effect. I do agree with giving people incentives to increase their skill levels, but I'd rather not see them conflated with inducements to participate. I see participation as a pre-condition to betterment; getting them out there gives them the chance to start doing better. Looking at your proposed triggers, for instance, we've had players in our crew from time to time that took two months to be able to get a good in each of the duty puzzles.

I know there was an intention to add in trophies for skill levels instead of having them mostly for experience, it might be better to accelerate that instead. Or to add other benefits for 'learning stuff' instead of 'doing stuff'.
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