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Posted by SirCarl67 at May 31, 2010 12:38:17 PM
Monthly trophies to require a little bit of skill
Every monthly trophy so far has required only participation in a variety of puzzles. A lot of pirates, particularly the lower skilled ones, like to collects these trophies so they could be used to encourage those who havn't bothered learning how to do the puzzles well to learn the basics.

I am still thinking the puzzles should be within the range of everybody, even if the habitual straight ables need to ask / look up YPPedia for some tips.

Examples might be:
Produce a duty report of good or better for 3 different piracy puzzles
Provide at least skilled level labor while doing 3 different crafting puzzles
Beat a bot in rumble, swordfight and drinking
Apollo tells ye "If you're ok for me to do one [bake-off], I'll go with that."

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