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Posted by 54x at Nov 6, 2004 7:43:59 PM
Re: Cnossos Blockade - Now has nothing to do with Cookiemonstr
pezzazz wrote: 
54x wrote: 
One thign RD is not doing is using an Alt FLag. His flag is real, its not only him in it, and thus is succeptable to all the implications of attacking an island. Not doing that would be greifing. This is just a bigger "nation" attacking a smaller one.. A smaller one with lots of friends that can probably beat the bigger nation.

I'd call it griefing if you can win for a reason that has nothing to do with your ingame might or skills. As for his flag being real, at least there's that now. Before you had to say: "Ah. Another RD flag. Wonderful."

Heh... so basically your saying the fact that he used the social puzzle for the Cranberry blockades should be considered griefing, and all use of the social puzzle should count as griefing because its not an ingame might or skill? So is it okay if we start using this argument for other, non blockade elements of the game?

edit: slightly changed... didnt convey my idea properly

I didn't say a thing about whether that applies to RD. I said when I would consider a blockade griefing. You were the one who applied this to that case.

The social puzzle is a skill. I specified that skills counted. I'd imagine a lot of the ocean right now views his attacks on Cranberry as griefing: his ability to win the blockade or negotiate with other people to win the blockade was far from assured, yet he exploited a vulnerability in the game's mechanic (namely, that the defenders have no worthwhile option to prevent endless attacks from the same party, even if that party can't win) to force a capitulation. I'd not equate this to "skill," or even call it "right" or "wrong." It's more of a difference in philosophy. RD views such game design holes as there for his use, I don't, and I doubt the rest of the ocean does, either.

He can't bear all the responsibility- the system allows for this type of behaviour and it needs to be changed... but, he could buy himself some points with everyone else by not using the same tactics again, if he wanted to. Entirely up to him.
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