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Posted by RbtCatt at Nov 5, 2004 9:10:38 AM
Re: Cnossos Blockade - Now has nothing to do with Cookiemonstr
MizzUnique wrote: 
RavenHawk wrote: 
Aye it IS griefing, and now would be a good time to file it with the OM's. Thank You.....Kissa

Please excuse me for booching any part of this post, I haven't posted in something as serious as this thread ever.

A part of taking an island is being able to defend it. Whether it be from the same person trying to attack that island weekly or joe flag who attacks once with a huge fleet.

Midnight Armada to the best of my knowledge haven't called RD for griefing when he simultaneously blockaded their two islands. Like a good flag should, they pulled together and defended successfully. If Black Sails can't do this, should they be holding a key island in Diamond?

Rumors around the ocean is that Black Sails is effectively dead with one or two active members remaining. Who wouldn't use that as an advantage to take an island in the game? If you knew that about Crimson Tide, wouldn't you want to take Xi, or the Loots and Jorvik?

It seems a pity that RD has become the man to pin the blame on for everything. I'm sure if he wasn't around, some other player would be in his place and we'd all be hating on him/her. He is a great player no doubt about it and has also been willing to help me out when I've asked. Maybe you should take some time to get to know him, rather than judging him on other people's reactions to what he does ingame.

Cnossos is my home port in the game, I also enjoy shopping there as prices are lower than Alpha/Turtle for things like laurels.

Whoever gets it at the end of this blockade, well done. She's a good island, treat her well.

- Mizz

Black Sails is not Dead first of all. The comment about them not being able to defend is kind of funny since they did defend it last week. And Kissa is not "judging him on other people's reactions to what he does ingame." She has had to deal with his bad attitude many times in game as well as I have. There is a history of RD tring to make the game miserable for her.
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