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Posted by piripuwa at Feb 25, 2010 7:28:52 AM
Re: Design Egg Furniture for the Game 2010! [Deadline 25th February]
Nice to meet you Joe,
Hey everyone. I just happened to notice one of my egg designs had a slight seem so I updated my "navwheel" egg and would appreciate it if the mastermind(s) behind yppedia could please update my rendered egg and remove the seamless comment if I did indeed make the proper corrections. Thank you in advance :)

My post can be found here with the updated egg

I'm afraid, I am not "mastermind behind yppedia"...but I updateing YPPedia XD

Please see the followings links and confirm the articles are corrected:
* Addison's Easter egg workshop
*YPPedia/2010 Design Easter Eggs - Flat entries
*YPPedia/2010 Design Easter Eggs - Rendered entries.

thank you :)
Piriri of Sage. Avatar by Adrielle =)

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