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Posted by rhandom at Jan 21, 2010 1:06:35 PM
Grandpa, what is that medal for?
I don't think this one has been covered yet:

Trophies for flags and crews. I.E. The flag or crew itself gets a trophy for a significant event or accomplishment much like individual pirates do. The point of this is to provide nice but not gameplay effecting rewards for group efforts, encourage activities that are beneficial to the game, and provide levers for getting new players interested in crew and flag activities.

Certain of these trophies would cascade down. Cascaded trophies would note the flag or crew they cascaded from.

Cascaded trophies would have their own boxes below the pirate trophies on the pirate info page. Crews would have Crew and "cascaded flag" trophy displays. Flags are top dog and only have their own.

Blue Flag blockades (as their first blockade) Alpha and wins.
Blue Flag gains "Blockade Alpha II" for an island control blockade, "Control of Alpha" for what it says, "Blockade Victory", and "Blockade Participant".

The "Blockade Alpha II" is a "campaign trophy", and would be given to all participating flags, with cascading down to both participating crews and members. Jobbers from flags that did not participate directly would not get the trophy, since mercenaries don't get medals.

"Blockade Victory" would cascade down the same way, of course only applying to flags and their members on the winning side.
"Blockade Participant" would be awardable directly to participating crews (including independents) and jobbers.

"Control of Alpha" would not cascade, but would remain with the flag even if they should lose the island later.

Other obvious sources for flag trophies are PvP sinks, fame, and reputation.
Other obvious sources for crew trophies are any of the sea battle activities.

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