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Posted by Markoman at Oct 29, 2004 5:01:42 AM
Re: Tutorials, Tips/Tricks and other Useful Information
54x wrote: 
Butterfly Weed isn't really all that rare- if you can't find it on one island, it may be better to try a different island that has it instead. I believe the specific island you are talking about (O'Reilly?) is heavily foraged in order to get papagoite. Try some island that doesn't have any rare rocks on it. Or ask someone else you find foraging there if they have any spare butterfly weed they don't want. ;)

O'Reilly is famous for it's Masuyite deposits, and that it looks like a camel. ;)

One island that doesn't spawn rare rocks, but does spawn butterfly weed is Lagniappe, in the Jet arch.

If you don't have charts to that island, I can help you, or anyone else listed in the memmorization assistance thread.

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