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Posted by BehindCurtai at Dec 30, 2009 9:45:01 PM
Re: <3 Hephaestus experiment!
Alright, this worries me
Which brings us to the Seasonal Hats. Since they actually improve performance, they can't be made of heavy materials. And we know this to be true - seasonal items cannot be made in tailor shops, and are created in the Palace Shoppe, using the hopes, dreams and kind thoughts of good little boys and girls. This is why wearing one has such a positive effect. Cephalopod obtains this material by distilling good little girls and boys in his laboratory. It's an excruciating process, but no effort can be spared in order to bring holiday cheer to you, our wonderful players.

So what color are these little girls and boys, and how do they swap? Do you burn then or brew them? Do you have to burn them to get something valuable to brew? (Kinda the opposite of whites :-).

Heh. Do you send them up (like whites), do you send them down (black and colored), or something else? Is distilling discriminatory? Should I stop posting now?
"We're trying to find the error bars on that number"

Dylan wrote: 
Why buy sham poo when real poo is so readily available

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