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Posted by Denison at Oct 28, 2004 10:40:49 PM
[Selling] Paint on Tinga - Lowest Prices in Midnight
This isn't a repost as I'm pointing out that shop and dockside prices for paint are ridiculously low on Tinga, almost twice as low as anywhere else in the ocean. Why aren't you buying here? I don't neccesarily like this but it does need to be made known. If ye are buying yer paint elsewhere yer in the wrong place. Oh and I now have all colors except black =). I've got 180 oil and over 300 units of 10 different colors dockside.

Prices: Shop/Dockside(units)
Red: 1,197/90(32)
[color=tan]Tan: 2,356/150(1)
White (highlight it if yer picky): 999/90(21)
Black: ------ (I'll take yer kraken's though)
[color=Gray:92101be3ce]Grey: 1,481/100(5)
Yellow: 1,144/105(48)
Purple: 2,675/450(49)

Everyone else's prices are similar or a little lower.

Pick up your jaw and stop asking why I paid so much and head on down to tinga fer all yer paint.

I sell enamel too but not too into it unless i find an iron monger interested in striking a deal, pm me in game fer any questions (Denison)

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