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Posted by Deceptive at Dec 9, 2009 11:19:21 AM
Re: Trinket suggestions thread
Ok, I just want to say this. We should forget Christmas, Hunaka (If that is how you spell it, sorry if it is wrong), and every other thinger at this time of year, and then, celebrate my holiday! Since PP usually does things which apply to the larger amount of players who support what, we should all just celebrate my holiday!

What are we celebrating? The Day Of the Humming Bug. Why do we celebrate it? Because when bugs hum, it means the great and super awesome Deceptive depressed. *sad face* :(

How do we celebrate it? Sit down, watch horrible movies, while eating chocolate we bought ourselves.

Right now, we say Happy Holidays! or such, but for this, which happens on the 20th of December, we greet eachother by saying, "Hum Bug!" Or sometimes, if we are really in the mood, we shall say, "Bah Hum Bug!"

Or when someone looks at us, we cry and eat chocolate.

Problem solved!

Disclaimer: I do not support this holiday, or anything to do with it, or any of the above statements.

I honestly don't care anymore.

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