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Posted by mouse2cat at Nov 25, 2009 12:07:11 PM
crabcake's Avatars
So I have decided I'd like to make avatars again. And good news! My tablet is up an working as well. I can make either a pen and ink style avatar or a computer avatar, there be choices now matey.

You can see the rest here

The price for an avatar is 25k. I accept payment in poe or in the equivalent in dubs on Hunter only.

How to get an avatar...
Find me on Hunter and ask for one.
Pay, describe how you'd like it.
When it is done I will post it here.

P.S. What this means is that I am only taking taking the number of requests that I feel I can handle. This keeps the wait short and me less crazy.
Crabcake on Emerald and Obsidian
Current avatar by Kolibri

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