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Posted by Deceptive at Nov 4, 2009 9:21:34 AM
Re: Greeter shortkeys


I endorse you un-endorsing this. ;)

Anyways, the problem with this, like someone else said, was that it would be easily abused and that such shortkey's are given as a privlige to those who have proven themselves to act maturly while playing the game. While I still believe that the Greeter System needs to be tweaked, sharing more privliges with new players, will then remove the game structer.

Greeters are made to look like a second power, just below the Ocean Masters, but in truth, they have little power, all they can do is answer questions. If the answers were to be come available to all, for all uses, it would diminish the roll of greeters, and therefore, when a new person is looking at this game, they will learn that there is no stage between Yellow and Blue. It would seem to them, that this game is 100% controlled by the Ocean Masters, and they won't let others help out. And that turns some people off.

I mean, if you take away the Answers, then all that differs a greeter then is the pink name, and a fancy chat.
I honestly don't care anymore.

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