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Posted by Lady_Aliyah at Sep 3, 2009 2:31:31 PM
Re: Pirates with Disabilities
Perhaps disabled people could have a special symbol on their pirate page and their names could show up red or something.

I would prefer you didn't point us out. One of the nice advantages to playing as a pixel is that those of us with disabilities AREN'T different. Everyone who gets a pegleg, hook, or eyepatch have mates that are jealous of them but they also have that choice to undo the injury. There are many different kinds of disabilities and they need to be handled differently if they affect the game at all. I'm glad to see there is something for colorblindness and can easily see how the shapes on some of the swords and rumble can confuse you. I am hearing impaired. When I first started the game, everyone chatted in word form (in game text, IM, etc.) but now it is "understood" in so many crews and flags to use vent and teamspeak. I don't and have been uninvited to more than one pillage as a result even though it doesn't affect my puzzling. Those without arms / fingers truly have my sympathy about what they must go through. I know a few like you in real life that amaze me daily. If I'm out on the ocean, you can consider yourself always welcome on my pillages. I prefer the hard worker anyday!
~Thank yer lucky stars Lily isn't bnavving!

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