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Posted by UCSBboy at Aug 24, 2009 10:03:53 AM
Re: Bernhard's Avatars - Get One Now
I would like to order an avatar. My pirate name is Sheeran, the ocean you can most find me on is Malachite.

I have a rather strange request. I would like one exactly like one exactly like the one you did for Fable, but put myself where Fable is, and have Fable's name have an X over it and write Sheeran near it. Link to my portrait is: Please include an eyepatch though, as I have gotten an eyepatch since that portrait. I am willing to pay whatever Fable paid for hers, plus I can throw on a few dubs since this is such an odd request.

(This is all based on a joke on malachite parley.)
Auranic of Obsidian
Sheeran of Emerald
Sheeran of Meridian

[quote]Verlool says (on vent), "We knew him when he was in his prime, we called him Sheeran the Magnificent."

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