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Posted by Tabby at Sep 10, 2003 11:03:11 AM
Re: Ship HO! Man the guns! A guide to Sea Battle
I would like to add to the info about the battle a little for those who are new to navigation..The battle area has edges to it...if ye are tryin to make a move and are on the edge then ye wont get too will find yourself bein pushed back...I found this out quite by accident when i was doing my moves around a rock that was towards the edge...I know ye experienced navigators will be shakin yer heads and sayin that this is common knowledge but it isnt...If it HAD been then I wouldnt have eaten a big rock several times with the hull of the ship (sry

I know it sounds simplistic but newbies need to know so that they can avoid the mistake I and others like me have done in the past

(and yes I AM blonde lol)

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