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Posted by mouse2cat at Aug 16, 2009 9:27:39 PM
Re: Pirates with Disabilities
When I get a polite, properly worded request to include someone in a voyage, I will usually job them - because it shows me that they know enough about the game to be able to figure out who's driving a voyage, and are motivated enough to go the extra mile. I've spoken to many navs who take a similar approach.

I love it when navers are willing to give somebody a chance. That is exactly how I hooked up with good crews when I was trying a different ocean.

If a pirate in my crew decides to share a disability I will do the best within my power to make the game more pleasant for them. I will swap stations, help them get jobbed, whatever. It's not much but I think people could be more aware of disability and how it could affect gameplay.
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