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Posted by Whiplash at Sep 10, 2003 7:18:04 AM
Re: Ship HO! Man the guns! A guide to Sea Battle
Another tip fer the Sea Battle is knowing and mastering the whirlpools and wind tokens. And being the helpful mate that I am I will let all ye who look in this post the tip...

Wind tokens: Pretty obvious. Ye move onto the wind tile and it pushes yer ship, in the direction it is currently facing, one space forward (by forward I mean the direction the wind tile is facing, again fairly obvious to see)

Whirlpool squares: These are not so obvious. As was mentioned before, when ye move into one of the whirlpool squares it moves yer ship in what seems like a random movement at first glance. But alas no...

When ye move onto a whirpool square it moves the entire ship 90 degrees clockwise (exactly like a right turn). Now heres the kicker...As yer ship does the right turn, it also rotates the ship itself 90 degrees clockwise on the spot. Now I don't know if ye can picture that in yer mind but I'll try my best with a text example without words...mostly because I be too lazy to do screen shots

Ship Start:the direction of the arrow is the front of yer ship


Move Forward One Space:


Final Position:


It will continue in this pattern until the fourth turn is up. Now knowing this can help ye a lot if ye trigger finger be a bit happy. Knowing which way ye are going to turn and which way ye will be facing after will help immenslely. Oh yeah and as a final point I think it was mentioned before but I will say it again the order of turns for each of the 4 turns is:

Yer movement (if any), wind/whirlpool movement/rotation, cannon fire.

I hope this was helpful fer all ye.
Dmentia bows to the wisdom of Whiplash.

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