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Posted by nitroglyceri at Jul 6, 2009 10:49:27 AM
Re: Trinket suggestions thread
Not sure if this has been mentioned (apologies for the short attention span for the 20-odd pages beforehand), but what if we could utilize trinkets, with the aid of shoppes and bazaars, to build newer, or imitation items? Using one or more trinkets, along with some materials from a shoppe, a different (though oriented towards the trinket(s), such as SMH-related, BK-related, flowers, etc.) type of item will be produced. For instance, trident tines, wood, iron and enamel (and money and labor, of course) could be used to make synthetic tridents, which, while will not be as good, nor have the fifth block effect as the original, will be similar in efficiency. Flowers and plants could become furniture (for the botanists-at-heart?).

Personally, I think we need some sort of trinket sink, since many enter the economy, but few actually leave.
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