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Posted by Lylesnipah at Jul 4, 2009 4:17:43 PM
Re: Trinket suggestions thread
Well.. in my opinion Trinkets are a big waste of time and space.. unless.. you make them visible on the char himself.. Same as the Injury.. Some stuff on the back, lets say the Fish eye lens monocle on the eye.. Ivory Toothpick in the mouth, Daisy/Flowers on the hat or hand.. and stuff like that.. just stuff that i have on me at that moment so i gave them as example..

wow... under all those trinkets, you wouldn't see the pirate anymore. Let's see what I'm currently carrying since I am moving stuff around and waiting for the new display cases to be finished:

lots skellie skulls and zombie hands, about 50 or so sand dollars, starfish of most colors, about 20 different CI trinkets in a variety of colors, same for atlantean, ribbons and pins from various tourneys and competitions, and not to forget all those candy canes, teddy bears, gingerbread houses, and what nots... oh, and the BK trinkets... don't know if i forgot anything.. :D

if all that was visible on the pirate, i'd look like a pile o'loot

the devs said, it's awfully cumbersome to show them all on your pirate page, like your trophies. After all they're tradeable. But there's a place you can put them yourself, on your wiki page. someone posted that link in a previous post.

Happy 4th

You can wear only 1 Trinket.. >.>
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